Welcome to The Values Economy

The world has changed and it’s not going back. Today’s consumers care more about where their money goes than any other time in history. They want to support companies that share their values, they want to support brands which use their resources and platform to make the world a better place.

You’ve heard of the Sharing Economy and the Attention Economy. A new economy is rising – the Values Economy – where a brand’s values are just as important as their products and prices.

2020 was the tipping point. The pandemic, the election, the racial justice movement – these were flashpoints and consumers were watching which brands took action and which ones operated business as usual. Lifetime loyalty was made or lost with millions of customers.

The Values Economy will be great for brands too. Those which can demonstrate a value alignment with their audience will be rewarded with loyal customers who are advocates, repeat buyers, who don’t buy on price alone. In a world where every marketing lever is moving to a pay-per-click arms race, the Values Economy represents a ray of hope. Brand marketing will evolve from appeasing the algorithms to creating sustainable, ethical brands that go beyond a transactional relationship with the consumer.  

Consumers are already rewarding the companies with values alignment, but many brands have yet to take strong values-based actions. There is a gap between here and there and most brands are risk averse. In order to change the status quo, brands need evidence that the grass is greener, and not just philosophically – there needs to be an opportunity cost to staying put.

This is why Vrity exists. Our mission is to use data to prove to brands that what they stand for has a financial impact. We want to guide brands into the Values Economy and help them connect on a deeper level with their customers. When values ROI can be in the same discussion as advertising ROI, then more brands will take bigger, more frequent values-bases actions. Doing good is not just a feel good story in the Values Economy. Doing good is good business.