The Vrity Solution

Vrity has developed technology to measure the consumer perception of brand values. We call it the Values Return Index, or VRI for short. The VRI scores a brand across Vrity’s 20 values categories. Brands get insight into consumer perception of their values, how it changes over time, against competition and by key targeting data (demo/geo).

Always-on data capture enables a brand to get feedback on values marketing efforts and breaking news.

The Three Components of The VRI

We conduct thousands of online interviews every day, asking consumers about the values they associate with brands.

We interpret, using AI, the context and sentiment of brand mentions on social media, blogs, forums and periodicals.

We score this data to measure values equity – the financial impact of a brand’s values on purchase propensity.

The VRI Answers Three Key Questions

Values Equity

How do consumers see your values?

The VRI measures consumer sentiment across Vrity’s 20 values categories – mapped to dollars and cents impact


Where are you differentiated?

We put the VRI in context, showing how a brand compares in their category and against specific competitors


How are you trending?

We show a brand how their VRI changes as consumer sentiment responds to marketing campaigns and news stories.