To Improve your Brand Health, Focus on the Value of Health in 2022

It’s a New Year full of new opportunities. Naturally, there’s one thing on everyone’s mind – health. It’s the classic New Year’s conundrum: how will I improve myself this year? Should I resolve to work out more? Eat less junk? Will I even stick to my resolution? It’s an issue that pervades more than just the consumer mindset. For many brands, too, January is a key month to focus on driving that ever-present Brand Value: Health. 

At Vrity, we consider Health to be a key value for many businesses’ branding initiatives. And as businesses ebb and flow with changing consumer demands, so too can their focus change. Health as a Brand Value can manifest through several key sub values, including Wellness, Fitness, Active, and Vitality. 

For many like-minded consumers, Health as a (successfully used) Brand Value has a clear draw: this brand can help improve my life. It’s a value that has direct tie to benefits for the consumer and, when executed correctly, can differentiate a brand and create loyalty. 

So, who’s doing it right and who has room for improvement?  The ones that do it well, like SoulCycle, Beyond Meat, CVS, and Fitbit, are household names.  And, in an increasingly health-conscious world, the ones that have gotten it wrong have learned to stay away and leave Health to the brands with real benefits. 

In recent news, SoulCycle is seeing some wins against competitor Peloton. Bad press from a recent episode of And Just Like That… has had Peloton reeling while allowing SoulCycle to strengthen their ties to Health and Fitness as a lifestyle. On a regular news day, SoulCycle speeds ahead of the competition by creating an experience and lifestyle that entices both health-conscious loyalists and consumers just starting their healthy lifestyle journey. By creating a unique, heart-racing experience, SoulCycle has built an icon in the Health industry that has inspired a loyal, passionate community. 

Let’s also take a look at brands like Beyond Meat, quickly becoming a generic trademark for the plant-based meat products that are taking the fast-food industry and beyond by storm. Beyond Meats successfully drives their health messaging through multiple touchpoints – “Meat that’s Better: For You. The planet. Your Taste Buds.” As the brand becomes more and more common in restaurants, fast food, and grocery, it’s clear that their Health, Wellness, and Vitality Value messaging have had significant success in the minds of both retailers and consumers. 

For many brands, however, Health is an easy miss. In a world where consumers are more and more informed, there are brands that have learned their lessons – if you can’t truly provide a health benefit, promoting Health as a brand value could be a waste of both dollars and consumer trust. Fast-casual restaurants, online “supplement” stores and more fall into this category. 

No matter your resolution, we all strive to be healthier – making Health a key value for brands to promote in 2022 and beyond can pay big dividends for your business.