Show up, Do the work, Change the world

When Vrity examines values for a brand the focus tends to be on the “Change Values”. Those values include equality, unity, empathy, and sustainability. They are the values that align with the 82% of people who say they want brands to use their influence to change the world for good.

Change values are easy to identify, glamourous to espouse and highly beneficial to a company’s bottom line. They are also incredibly difficult to live and even harder to connect with consumers.

There are three core reasons why Change values are so challenging for brands.

First, a brand must be fully committed. Too often, brands move their focus around. Sometimes as an attempt to support diverse corporate initiative. Other times to catch the movement of the moment to show compassion of cause even when it is not their own historical cause.

Second, a brand only gains permission to change values equity if they show up and do the work, day in and day out. Corporations write checks every day. Last summer more than $500 million in checks were written to social justice efforts. Money is good, doing the work and staying in the fight is better. More brands see fleeting association which provides minimal impact to the cause and even less to their brand values equity.

Finally, just as change itself is hard and takes time so does the increase of change values equity. If your brand touts affordability you can alter price and see short term gains. If your brand values joy you can run a commercial with your favorite Comedian. But to see change values movement it takes a long-standing commitment. The reason no one questions Ben & Jerry’s values or Dove’s support for a cause is because they have been unwavering in their dedication to change.

If you want to bask in the glow of doing good and having it be good for business the formula is stunningly simple. Show up every day, live your values every day and do the work every day.