Digiday Media Briefing: 2/15/21

The following is republished from Digiday’s Media briefing (paywall) written by Michael Burgi

Color by numbers

Vrity, a new platform focused on the emerging “values economy” launched by former GroupM executives Jesse Wolfersberger and Chris Copeland, has measured the impact of “values-based” messaging for three brands that ran “socially responsible” ads in Super Bowl LV. 

It scoured online surveys, social media and professional news and blog sites to measure the impact of General Motors, Chipotle and Anheuser-Busch’s environmentally themed spots, scoring them against 20 values-based categories, such as sustainability, affordability, and unity — calibrated against purchase propensity to determine a VRI (values return index). The scores compared a week before the Super Bowl to the week right after. Here’s what it found:

  • Chipotle: Though Vrity says the brand already has one of the highest scores in the QSR category, it rose again by 9%, along with a modest purchase propensity boost, up 10% week over week.
  • A-B: According to Vrity, the brewing giant already scores high in Joy, Affordability, Individuality, Patriotism to name a few, but went up 4% in Unity week over week. The big jump was in purchase consideration, which surged 156%.
  • GM: Besides hitting viewers’ funny bones with its Will Ferrell-led spot (it registered a 15% boost in Joy), the “Norway” spot rose 10% in Health, Quality and Innovation. Interestingly, GM’s score in Tradition dropped 33% while its Agility score (adaptable, embracing change), its weakest category, rose 40% (Vrity says it’s the single biggest jump in any of the values it tracked that week). Finally, its purchase consideration score surged 153% week over week, leapfrogging 6 points ahead of rival Ford.