Can You Measure the ROI on Your Brand Values?

Reposted from The Wise Marketer As the world celebrates the beginning of 2022, while living and operating in what is arguably year 3 of the global COVID crisis, individual intentions and resolutions for the new year might be shaping up differently than they have in previous years. The crisis has prompted this great collective pause and […]

On Principle: The Value of Values

WashU Olin Business School Podcast In a white paper published in June 2021, WashU Olin’s Professor Stuart Bunderson and Jesse Wolfersberger, CEO and cofounder of Vrity, outlined a cross-section of consumer attitudes about how they relate to brands that outwardly articulate their values. Among their findings: Consumers said they will vote with their wallets when […]

On Principle: The WashU Olin Business Podcast featuring Vrity

Full Podcast available here When should a brand name stand up for a cause? Jason Wang has confronted that question. And he did it very publicly after attackers beat two of his workers from Xi’an Famous Foods. This episode of “On Principle” from the Washington University Olin Business School, explores one business leader’s decision to turn […]

Consumer values, brand expectations change in 2020

Article by Sara Savat : Reposted from the Washington University Newsroom Vrity & Bauer Leadership Center White Paper Today’s consumers are more attuned to brands’ values and willing to pay a premium to support companies that share their values, according to new research from the Bauer Leadership Center at Washington University in St. Louis and […]

Vrity unveils Values Return Index to assess brands’ “values equity”

Reprinted from PRWeek Written by Natasha Bach Vrity aims to assess brands’ “values equity” with the release of its new tool. The company, which uses AI to measure the effectiveness of values-based messaging, has launched a new tool called the Values Return Index (VRI) that measures how a brand’s values impact the likelihood of consumer […]

Does ‘brand purpose’ messaging actually impact consumer behavior?

Reprinted from campaignUS Story by Sabrina Sanchez A recent study by Vrity shows taking stances on social issues does increase purchase propensity. Some might wonder if all this talk about “brand purpose” might be moot from a sales perspective. Turns out, taking a stand can drive business.  That’s according to recently-launched brand measurement company Vrity, […]

Digiday Media Briefing: 2/15/21

The following is republished from Digiday’s Media briefing (paywall) written by Michael Burgi Color by numbers Vrity, a new platform focused on the emerging “values economy” launched by former GroupM executives Jesse Wolfersberger and Chris Copeland, has measured the impact of “values-based” messaging for three brands that ran “socially responsible” ads in Super Bowl LV.  It scoured […]