Are you here for the movement or just a moment?

There’s never been a better time for brands to engage in social causes. The public demand for brands to get engaged is high. Vrity survey data shows 74% of consumers want brands to take a stand on important issues. Brands generally abhor risk and spend an inordinate amount of time actively avoiding anything that will erode their existing customer base. 

That’s why this moment in time, where doing the right thing is so desperately wanted, is an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to turn doing good into good business IF the brand commits for the journey. 

A single tweet, a one-off check or a photo opp sponsorship are all examples of what happens when brands see a moment. By contrast, a movement is something bigger than any brand. It’s driven by people outside the brand with the brand’s role as an ally and accelerator. 

When brands think about their involvement in causes the first question will be “Should we do this?” And, truth be told, if that’s the question your brand is asking then the answer should be “No!” 

It should be “No” because if you are still viewing your involvement based on individual moments then you have no plan for the long haul. More often than not those one-off engagements provide little lasting value and do more damage to the brand values connection with cause and consumers.

The better reaction would be to step back, listen, and understand how you can be in the movement. Once you commit to the movement then your questions change and your approach is about “How to amplify and propel the movement forward with your added impact.” You are making choices based on what is needed to deliver change and how your brand can be supportive of that.

So, before your brand sends the tweet or writes the check, understand what causes align with your brand change values. Listen and discuss, both internally and externally, prepare and plan so that when the moment arrives you are ready to be part of the movement.