Brand Measurement for the Values Economy.

We are in a new era of marketing — the values economy — where consumers care on a deeper level where their money goes. Vrity data shows values alignment is twice as important to consumers as price, quality, or customer experience. Doing good is good business and Vrity is the data company that measures values equity for brands.

The first step to maximizing values equity is clarity of your current Brand Values. Take the brand values audit now to see what you value most.

Welcome to the Values Economy

The relationship between businesses and their customers has never been more complex. For many people, a purchase is more than a transaction — it’s a show of support for a brand that supports something they believe in. When people find a company that shares their values, they buy more, pay more and come back for more.


of people will pay more for a brand that shares their values.


of people say brands should try and make the world a better place.


of people have bought a brand for the first time because of that brand’s values.

About Vrity

We are a data company helping brands identify and measure the economic impact of their values. All brands have values, but many brands don’t live their values because they can’t measure the financial benefit. We collect data on what people say and do online to give brands an always-on understanding of how consumers perceive their values. From these insights, we are able to show brands how their values create a return that can be measured in dollars and cents.

What People Say

We run thousands of online interviews every day, asking consumers about the values they associate with brands.

What People Do

We track mentions of brands on social media, blogs, forums, and periodicals and interpret the context and sentiment of each mention.

Why it Matters

We use our data to measure values equity — the financial impact of a brand’s values on consumer behavior.
Our Mission

You are what you value. We believe brands have a role to play in making the world a better place and the ones that do the most will succeed financially.

We want to spark brands to use their resources and platforms to make a difference. We know doing good is good business. We want to provide companies data that shows the financial benefit of living their brand values every day.


Every day is an opportunity to live your Brand Values. Vrity is constantly sharing its own research and perspective on how brands are realizing financial success leading with their values. We also amplify smart, third-party examples of using values to improve business valuation.