Tips to Get Skyrim working with Vireio 2.0 has some nice tips on getting Skyrim working with the new Vireio drivers. I especially like their suggested mod to allow controlling your shouts with your voice. See the original article here: TIPS: Getting Skyrim Working With Vireio Perception 2.0 and the Rift


Bullet Hell shooter Suwako-chan Cubic lands on Oculus Rift

Bringing another game genre to virtual reality, Suwako-chan Cubic has been posted to Oculus VR Share. Currently the game is Japanese only, but I was able to navigate the menus and get a game going with a little trial and error. The experience is excellent in VR with nice 3d effects. The game presents a Read More


Oculus Rift Games Discounted in Steam’s Autumn Sale

A bunch of games with native Oculus Rift support are currently on sale as part of Steam’s Autumn Sale. Grab them before they go back up.   Lunar Flight Lunar flight is one of the best Oculus Rift experiences available. The VR support and UI works flawlessly, and the game is a ton of fun. Read More