Bullet Hell shooter Suwako-chan Cubic lands on Oculus Rift

Bringing another game genre to virtual reality, Suwako-chan Cubic has been posted to Oculus VR Share.

Currently the game is Japanese only, but I was able to navigate the menus and get a game going with a little trial and error. The experience is excellent in VR with nice 3d effects.

The game presents a top-down third-person perspective view of a game field. The character is locked on the ground, which in early levels is flat but gains some altitude changes in later levels. There is a jump button to help avoid some bullets on the ground (and it’s a key part of the mechanics), but bullets also fly in 3 dimensions so sometimes you avoid them by jumping and other times by going under or through a gap in the bullet storm.



The game works great with an Xbox controller. Here’s the default control layout:



To start up a game, you have to make a few choices in a dialog:

11-30-2013 10-20-26 AM


One thing to note – this game seems to need VSync when running full screen. With VSync forced to off in the Nvidia control panel, it appears the game timing is turned off and it runs at max (and unplayable) speed.

Once you start up the game, put on the Rift and press the A button until you get in game – the top menu option works to get you in.

Here’s a demo video from the developer:



Have fun!


Image credit Alphathon

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